Sunday, March 16, 2014

Let yourself be inspired!!

To be inspired! What a blessing this is that we are able to feel inspired by the things around us. It helps us to be motivated, to accomplish things we might have never done without it. Some forget to feel inspired, and this intern leads to the feeling of "who gives a dam" so they forget to, as they say, smell the roses. I feel inspiration comes from all around us, we get it from each other as humans, from our animals that become just like family, our surroundings. We just need to really open our eyes and see it and let ourselves feel it.

What inspires you? Do you know? What makes you say, if they can do that I know I can? Do you open up to inspiration? Well let me share a story that inspired me recently:

An inspiring woman:

Here’s the post from Jackie in response to all the Facebook comments: 

“Thank you Swim Bike Mom for posting this [picture of me.] I am humbled and proud to be an inspiration and actually quite appalled at how some of the posters are treating this. I used to weigh 415 lbs. [and] walking to the mailbox was a struggle. Some people don’t just “let themselves go” …[they] have actual medical issues that prevent normal every day activities. Say what you will but I got off my ass and did it.
And I consistently do it. I do it for me, not you …and I Inspire and amaze myself every day at how far I am able to push my body mentally [and] physically. I feel bad for people who can’t look at any picture of ANY athlete and not be inspired.

Honestly, hearing how this photo has inspired folks, I hope it goes viral! I want everyone to know that it IS ok to be any size and still compete. I am comfortable enough with myself to truly appreciate any praise I get from athletes who [have] finished while I’m still out there encouraging me. Triathlons are truly the only sport I have ever been involved in where people genuinely care about others…I am proud of myself, my unbelievably supportive teammates at the Atlanta Triathlon Club and those online like Swim Bike Mom who takes this for what it is. Inspiration for anyone to get out there and do it. If I can inspire just one person, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

I don’t hear [the] negativity, only the passion I have in my head and heart to achieve anything I set my mind to. I would encourage anyone to watch my progress as I train for the Half Ironman in Augusta on September 30th. Many people half my size wouldn’t even dream of trying to even enter such an event. But IM DOING iT! First, last, dnf, at least I started and will continue to follow my dreams…. FOR ME. I hope that all of us encourage others to be their best and are proud that ANYONE attempts these activities.

If you can’t applaud every athlete, especially those of us who it takes twice as long to finish and twice as much effort to move twice as much weight across the line, then I feel sad for you that you can’t appreciate the beauty in life and everyone’s journey. FYI the day after this race, I swam the Ridges 5k open water swim from GA to NC… so anything is possible if you put your mind to it!!! I wish all of you good luck and hope to hear about all of your successes (and not so successes on your journeys) as well!!!
Love, Jackie”

Now, we can let our minds limit our possibilities, or we can break the chains that bind us by letting ourselves feel inspired.

So no matter what, everyday find the inspiration you need to get through that day. Do not let the scale define your worth. Do not let other's success take away your own desire to succeed. Do not let the words "I give up" pass your lips. Do not believe you will fail. If you are blessed enough that day that the great almighty let you open your eyes, and got off your butt, then you are on your way! So no matter how slow the process, know that in the end all that matters is if we lived to our fullest potential, we loved with all our hear, we laughed because we had joy. 

Do not deprive your self. Depriving only leads to failure, failure leads to giving up. Do not set yourself up for that type of failure. Just remember you are worth the struggles it might take, you are worth the constant fight to have the one thing many take for granite. Just please do not give up being inspired because:

Do not let any one put out your fire to inspire and be inspired! Not even yourself!!

My best to you and yours, 
                                                Stay Healthy, Happy, and Wise :)

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