Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lesson learned? Not!

On a daily basis we are left to our own devises, trying to figure out what next step to take in this crazy game we call life. A daily battle with our brains and all the input we interpret and perceive that is given to us by media, family, friends, co-workers, etc.. Funny thing perception! We go on health kicks because of it, we end relationships over it, we get pissed off because of it. Who are they to run our lives? Did you choose that to happen? Or did it seep into your mind and intern you thought you had to follow? I seen a post today and I loved this quote:
Nope. Skilled sailors do not come from smooth seas. If you aren't headed into a storm, currently in the middle of a storm, or just coming out of a storm - you're doing it wrong. Only dead fish go with the flow. — with Karly R Hill.
I will be my own captain of my ship!
I will not allow others, me, myself and I to run this cruise ship into the ground. I have one vessel and I want to keep her moving along the beautiful seas of life.
So this week I beg you to step back, look into the mirror daily and tell yourself what you expect of yourself that day, what you will not tolerate of yourself that day and what you will do to bless yourself that day. Sounds funny but I'm telling you, ones perception is changed once the mind grasp the thoughts you give it. If you do not put positive, affirmative thoughts into it, you will always fall back on negative thoughts people have put there in the past. Move on from that and know you can change!
Goal for the coming week:
Being mindful of what types of food I put in me.
I went out to eat last night and ordered the most amazing dish. It was one of my past all time favs at this little Mexican dive. Well 3 am hit and where was I? In the bathroom throwing up my guts. My tummy just cant handle junk any more. Just trips me out. The foods I once needed and craved daily, I now have no tolerance for. Its like my body said NO to my minds saying EAT IT. Did I learn my lesson? I'm sure I didn't, I am human you know. But I'm going to try really hard to remember my bodies NO!!
My inspiration for this coming week:
I go-go-go!
Why you ask?
Because I CAN!!
My best to you and yours,
                                                Stay Healthy, Happy, and Wise :)

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