Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Staying on track

This past week has been a very hard week when coming to food choices. My stove went and took a dump and so I had to resort to microwaved foods, foods that are cold, foods from a fast food place. I tell you after a week of that food I feel bloated and sick. I had several flare ups and my hypoglycemia was awful to deal with.
I cant believe we are so dependant on ovens! I tell you I don't want to do that again. So the choices I made was not to good. I ate stuff that was fast and not nutritionally sound for sure. I guess I could have ate salads or figured out a way to eat healthy. I guess I just loss track of tracking.
So comes the derailment again, another failure! I just don't understand my mind some times, I know what I should do but when it comes down to it I have to find a way to think before I stuff my mouth.
So this week I will challenge myself to keep on track. I will do these things and as I do them I will report on the f.b. site that it is done and keep myself accountable to others in the group.
1. will ride bike 1/2 hr daily
2. will walk at mall 2x's a week
3. will do 50 sit ups every am m-f
4. will stick to 5 mini meals a day
5. will track water intake
This weeks passage from the good book:
Remember every day the choice is yours! How bad do you want this??

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