Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year 2013

A new year is upon us and we are in making list and checking it twice mode!
I have had this on my mind since the last list I made last Jan. 1st. 2012.
I am a list maker, a double checker but if I have followed through, well that's another question. I have made tons of list in my life time and I'm still trying to complete just one. So as I make another list and have all these goals and hopes for the coming year, I have come to conclusion....I will, until the day I pass, make list and check them twice and guess what?? That's OK!
What ever works for you to get you through another year in this thing we call life, then do it, make those list, make those goals, have hope :)
There are so many things that go into weight loss. If you think It is just eating right and exercising then you need a brain over haul!
I'm not saying this to be rude, mean or obnoxious. I'm saying this because after so many years of yo-yo diets, I know this to be true.
Weight loss
1. Diet
This word DIET, ugh, what a word. Should be called I feel like I'm going die-because of it! I feel like there should be no such thing, as long as we eat whole we will naturally be where we need to be. I know those splurges feel so good and taste so heavenly, the choice is always yours.  This, I know,  is easier said then done, right! Well that leads us to # 2
2. Effort
We can go weeks saying, well this next week I will try again. That diet didn't work, I was to sick-feeling. I deserve this treat, I worked so hard. I had a bad day, I deserve a treat. The effort you put into it is the product you will have as an outcome. This again is a choice that's is souly yours.
3. Food
Does it really matter what I eat, as long as I stay in my calorie count? The answer, yes of course. I can give you a handful of chips and a handful of fruit, both with same calorie count. What do you think will happen to my body chemistry eating one verses the other? My body is a machine and we should treat it as such!
 4. Fitness
I'm not saying be a fit-freak(not that there is anything wrong with that) but just get moving more. It can be as little as parking far from the door to get a little walking in.
Just get moving.
5. Calories
I myself don't like to follow this because we have way to much pressure as is! I do how ever make sure to stay around 3-400 calories per meal or snack, this just gives me a gage if I'm heading for a binge.
6. Energy
With all these components in place we will receive energy our body makes out of the nutrition we put in. I know when I eat bad I feel like poo for a few days. The choice is yours, Is that chocolate worth the headache, some days it may be, so again the choice is yours.
7. Health
If you follow all these you will come to the end of 2013 feeling like you have conquered the demon and the reward is HEALTH!
This week I want you to set goals and post them, share them with loved ones, make it known! This year I will ......
My goal is to be ....
I want to do....
1> Set Goal make it known, you are more likely to try to achieve if you brag about it.
2> Make a plan, plan on how you will deal with all the pit falls as well as how you will get to your goal. Our worst enemy is ourselves!
3> Get to work! Get to it, don't say I will tomorrow because tomorrow will never come.
4>Stick to it!! Don't give up when it gets hard or you fall short, get back at it, start over if you must but never EVER give up!
5> God willing ...REACH YOUR GOAL in 2013!!
Be good to you in 2013!

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