Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have so many in life, they come and they go, some I make some are made for me. They never end, everyday is full of them, is mine better than yours? Who says who is right, Did you get a degree in it, are you a professional?, is my answer better or yours? The point is who is to say they are right?
I'm not a person with all the answers but I do try to see all points of view before I cast doubt or say my opinion. I don't go into things blind and opinionated! Its not for me to judge you.
I feel bad for you, I feel like no matter how far you run you will always be afraid. Keep running, one day you will stop and turn and find you have left a big trail of hurt and pain, you'll cry out for mercy and no one will hear you. I fear your future but I know I had no cause now, I know I am not to blame for your misery. I will pray for mercy and for you to see before you go blind forever. I pray one day the tears will sop, the pain will fade but until that day I lean unto understanding.

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