Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slow and steady...

I've been on this journey for so long sometimes I forget to look back and actually see how far I have come.
This was loud and clear when I went and cleaned out a closet a rarely use. I came across some running pants from two years ago. I was so shocked at the size of them! 
I have a tendency to buy clothes when they have a sale sticker on them. I just love sales, but that's another story.
I really was floored at the progress I have made in just two years. Day after day you don't see the change and the numbers on the scale go down so slow. Some times you really need to remember to take a step back and really see what you have accomplished. I need to start remembering this and not be so hard on myself. It didn't take me a few months to put it on so how am I to think it will come off that quick? 
I think the problem is when I look in the mirror I still see a fat chick staring back at me. I keep trying to see the new me but it so hard. I keep trying goal clothes on and they fit! This freaks me out. I find myself not believing that I can really do this, that dam fat devil keeps squawking in my ear saying you always be fat Shawn, why try?
I will keep at it, slow and steady will win my race!
This week, for me, has had its ups and downs but I've come to a point in my life where all I want to do is be the best me. I don't want negative people around me right now. I just want positive support and I just hate people who try to bring you down because they feel so blue. Its up to me to surround myself with love, laughter, positive vibes. This will help me to get to my goal. You generally become who you surround yourself with they say...
I started my classes this week to become a trainer focused on senior fitness and nutrition. I love this population and so many times they are over looked. In this they tend to give up if not motivated. Why? I just don't get it, I'm a grandma but I sure don't want to lay down get all chubby and ware a apron baking cookies. Sorry not my cup of tea! I want to run and play with my grand babies as long as I can. So this is my mission, to help the older population see that there is no age limit or disability that will stop you from being the best you.
Workout for this week: (only worked out 3 days just getting back after being sick)
run 1 mile did arms w/weights
run 1 mile did legs w/weights
run 1 mile did arms w/weights
Plans for this coming week:
Stay focused on school work
Keep to my workout plan
Enjoy a few new recipes
Never ever give up, it might take you a few times but don't give up. The only person you affect is yourself. Don't let those fat demons talk you into eating that crap, you are worth being healthy and happy. I know those voices all to well. I hear them daily, those taunts saying, who you kidding you will never be fit. I use this as fuel for my workout engine. As I run I always think about all those people who said I would be nothing. I remember all those who told me teen moms will never do anything in life. I listen to all the ones who said you will be a welfare mom. I listen to those who said your fat and ugly and never will be loved. I listen to my inner worrier and she said FUCK THEM ALL!!
I will succeed!
I will be fit!
I will be the best me!!
Here is my inspiration for this coming week
Live ~ Laugh ~ Love
Life is way to short to do anything but!!

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